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App Name : Dragon Mania Legends
Category : Simulation
Developer :
Last Version : 3.8.0p (38035)
Update time : 2018-06-23
APK File Size : 67.78 M
Installs : 10,000,000+ On Google Play
Requires Android : 4.0 and Up
Content Rating : 4.6
Developer : Visit website

What’s New
Revamped features and a whole new breed of dragon arrive in our latest update! Daily Missions make way for a daily To-Do List, along with a much wider variety of quests and milestones that are easier to reach A new dragon type, the likes of which you’ve never seen before

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The description of Dragon Mania Legends

"Dragon Mania Legends is for anyone that wants their very own pet dragon, which is obviously everyone…" – Gamezebo

- Dragons have never looked this good! Eye-popping visuals make the diverse islands and inhabitants of Dragolandia come to life.
- Your pets appreciate attention; feed them, cuddle them and care for them to receive extra gold and special bonuses.
- Create the island of your dreams and customise your city with dozens of buildings and fun decorations.
- Never run out of cute, scaly friends with more than 350 unique species you can breed and add to your dragon collection.

- Take your dragons on a journey across the land! Reach higher and higher leagues as your collection and skills improve with each new battle!
- Seasonal events, new content and special quests are added with each update, so you never run out of fun things to do.
- Show 'em who's boss! Raise your pets and take on your opponents in the Arena to become the best dragon trainer and collect awesome prizes!

- The Vikings just can't give it a rest, and they smell bad too… Teach them a lesson in exciting 3-on-3 battles!
- Take your dragons to the Academy to improve their skills and teach them special attacks.
- Train your pets to fight and raise them to become legendary warriors.
- Use the power of Dragon Fury to defeat your opponents.

- Make friends, visit their islands and exchange gifts.
- Be the Clan with a Plan! Use the Clan Chat to devise the best strategy, or just discuss what you've been up to…


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Dragon Mania Legends APK Version History
  • Dragon Mania Legends 3.8.0p (38035) APK (Latest Version)
    Version : 3.8.0p (Code: 38035)
    Date: 2018-06-21
    Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
    File Size : 68 MB (APK file)
    File APK Md5: 1c5233755c9cbd9d669333a997c070ec
    File APK Sha1: 920139ba798b0823e6a5a303d389678b7f0ec511
    Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c
    What's new :
    Revamped features and a whole new breed of dragon arrive in our latest update!  Daily Missions make way for a daily To-Do List, along with a much wider variety of quests and milestones that are easier to reach A new dragon type, the likes of which you’ve never seen before 
  • Dragon Mania Legends 3.7.0i (37028) APK
    Version : 3.7.0i (Code: 37028)
    Date: 2018-05-03
    Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
    File Size : 66 MB (APK file)
    File APK Md5: a4ad44b617c430a8fc69262f95cc834a
    File APK Sha1: ff02aee183729939610744707877d4625523e329
    Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c
    What's new :
    A new business is making waves in Dragolandia!
    The Whale-Mart is open for business! It offers all kinds of rare goodies for the savvy haggler, allowing them to clear their inventory of items they’ve amassed during their adventures.
    We are introducing the Dragon Vault, a place to let some of your dragons rest and make room in habitats for others.
    Lots of exciting new dragons to collect!
  • Dragon Mania Legends 3.6.1b (36121) APK
    Version : 3.6.1b (Code: 36121)
    Date: 2018-04-04
    Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
    File Size : 64 MB (APK file)
    File APK Md5: 4742afb05cc362ef54a66ab74aaa50b0
    File APK Sha1: c575e0e39c78e6504f4c0b1452c30ec404d1b6c1
    Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c
  • Dragon Mania Legends 3.6.0m (36032) APK
    Version : 3.6.0m (Code: 36032)
    Date: 2018-03-24
    Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
    File Size : 64 MB (APK file)
    File APK Md5: 1f18bfa4c7be9414711c286cd4f2edc8
    File APK Sha1: 7df70a4c77b6a0db7bc6653376986ebda8dbc910
    Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c
    What's new :
    Spring is finally here, along with the latest super events and our newest batch of dragons!
    Are you a veteran player willing to share your knowledge of the game? Check out the Mentor Program to take on apprentices, show them the ropes and receive the exclusive Mentor Dragon, among other goodies!
    Global Chat is here! Share your adventures with friends, anywhere in the world!
    Many new and exciting dragons to collect!
  • Dragon Mania Legends 3.5.0h (35027) APK
    Version : 3.5.0h (Code: 35027)
    Date: 2018-02-13
    Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
    File Size : 63 MB (APK file)
    File APK Md5: 8044ed53ef832e5fd653d040215e1352
    File APK Sha1: 04e0bf18d49dc258f976919293333c35048fcfa9
    Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c
    What's new :
    Brace yourself for an all-new Divine Event and celebrate the Chinese New Year with us!
    Explore the new Divine Island and get ready for an epic quest spanning several exciting levels.
    Get to know the latest batch of Divine Dragons, inspired by Chinese legends and folklore.
  • Dragon Mania Legends 2.8.0t (28039) APK
    Version : 2.8.0t (Code: 28039) (arm + x86 )
    Date: 2017-05-21
    Requires Android: 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)
    File Size : 39 MB (APK file)
    File APK Md5: 1ec8dccbdc7a91c73233ed1f9f0e8e20
    File APK Sha1: a35e89deb286530c97c0b52cc1f92741ab967a53
    Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c
    What's new :
    With more than just fancy eggs, the Easter Bunny has a lot in store for you this time!
    - Relive your childhood memories on an exciting new island chock-full of toys! Our favorite is the mini choo-choo train.
    - Clans are now easier to manage, with the introduction of an officer system. Promote clan members to officers, with multiple ranks to choose from.
    - Send mystery gift boxes to your friends, which include the dragon pieces for the new Enchantress Dragon!
  • Dragon Mania Legends 2.0.2b (20221) APK
    Version : 2.0.2b (Code: 20221)
    Date: 2016-04-07
    Requires Android: Android 4.0 and up
    File Size : 33 MB (APK file)
    File APK Md5: ff1238db8621e6fd488ee15a5603c56d
    File APK Sha1: 7603988a2d8876f6672b07b63716451f16c322c7
    Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c
    What's new :
    Minor bug fixes.
  • Dragon Mania Legends 1.8.0o (18034) APK
    Version : 1.8.0o (Code: 18034)
    Date: 2015-11-17
    Requires Android: 4.0 and up
    File Size : 29 MB (APK file)
    File APK Md5: c043cf1dfe2a6b70d2ecf6266131bf7b
    File APK Sha1: 69462611deef10558ae6982b40b3f049624541eb
    Signature: ebb8a6588f7289488f8d30d11dc020bc8d4cfb0c
    What's new :
    Enjoy features requested by the community and get festive for the end-of-the-year holidays with Dragon Mania Legends in this new update!
    • Celebrate Movember with the Stache Dragon.
    • Get ready for the Holidays! Special Christmas dungeon and Dragons to come later.
    • By popular demand: Now you can delete inactive users from your friend list!
    • Re-designed VIP system with more amazing rewards and greater benefits.
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