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App Name : IRUNA:萌萌の冒險
Category : Role Playing
Developer : Joymaster Inc.
Last Version : 1.1.8 (18)
Update time : 2015-12-29
APK File Size : 4.9M
Installs : 50,000 - 100,000 On Google Play
Requires Android : Android 2.3 and up
Content Rating : Everyone 10+
Rate : 4.2/5 (1828)

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The description of IRUNA:萌萌の冒險

◆日系正統3D MMORPG 突破360萬人次
《IRUNA》於日本已突破360萬人次,鑒於是一款純正日系出品的3D MMORPG,並媲美PC線上遊戲且具有強大的遊戲性,玩家在遊戲中可自由生產並自給自足,也能與同伺服器的玩家交易及互動與組隊探險,進而成為神魔級手遊玩家一致推薦的精品名作。

◆多元AVATAR系統 裝扮百變造型

◆私人の島嶼 各式魔物與你相伴

◆壯麗の世界觀 遼闊場景任你遨遊

◆轉職系統 多樣職業任你選擇

◆每月更新 綿延不絕の冒險劇情

◆占卜系統 檢視你の今日運勢


■獨家保證!! 每月開放新地圖、新任務、等級上限
日本手機遊戲大廠AVABEL ONLINE開發商「ASOBIMO,Inc.」打造的日本3D MMORPG『イルーナ戦記』,繁體中文版本《IRUNA》在台正式推出!

[Game Features]
◆ Japanese Orthodox 3D MMORPG breakthrough 3.6 million
"IRUNA" in Japan has exceeded 3.6 million, given is a pure Japanese produced 3D MMORPG, and comparable to the PC online game and has a strong gameplay, players are free to produce and self-sufficiency in the game, but also with the same servo Players transactions and interact with the expedition team, and then to become mythical stage hand tour players unanimously recommended fine masterpieces.

◆ Multiple AVATAR system dress Variety shape
"IRUNA" paper doll system has a rich and multiple characteristics avatar Japanese style, can be arbitrary dress freely and free pipes can easily start, so you have exotic or romantic look, is ideal for their photo taken with the monster and - take to cook a monster pot is also very praise yo! ^ Q ^

◆ all kinds of private の island monster on your side
"IRUNA" so you have a private island, free to dress up their own island, build your idea of ​​an ideal vacation paradise or the Holy Land. On the island can cultivate your own monster, with your warm love them with care, grow into a good partner you fight and of home, leisure time can be friends on the island to train guesthouse yo ~

◆ magnificent の worldview vast scene no matter how you travel
"IRUNA" build vast magnificent view of the world, grasslands, swamps, forests, volcanoes, valleys, pits, labyrinth ... and other scenes, Zhang maps let you refreshing, broke into the perilous journey possible caves, so you will continue vigilance, therefore no risk during monotonous.

◆ transfer system varied career as you choose
"IRUNA" world, Chu Xinzhe career as adventurer, after 10 you can become a trainee soldier or trainee magician, can grow along with more seniority were turned professional and three turn, snipers priests, bishops, warriors, bards, Illusion division and many other career for you to serve. Property and the freedom to construct their ideal collocation adventure role, with the battles you this fantasy realm ~

◆ updated monthly endless の adventure story
"IRUNA" ensure regularly updated, the construction of endless adventure story, with a magnificent epic new scene, giving you every month a different adventure story and game feast.

◆ divination system View your fortune today の
Divine master "IRUNA" to help you in the daily divination, fortune today whether to view your adventure or concern for their own safety or guesthouse obediently on the island produce, so remember not to offend beautiful divine master, hey, she can not say Gongbaosichou day fortune will make you not ring true Oh!

In ancient occasion, there are twelve are called "IRUNA" God of gods, they created a fantasy world "IRUNA".
"IRUNA" original gods of the dispute, but has evolved to become Hume race, national hegemony Dilu, Qiu Lu, 艾路菲 four races of the competition.
- "IRUNA" belongs to you の Adventure World

■ exclusive guarantee !! month open new maps, new tasks, the level cap
Japanese mobile game maker AVABEL ONLINE developers' ASOBIMO, Inc. "The Japanese build 3D MMORPG" イ suitable for have cropped-war record, "Traditional Chinese version of" IRUNA "officially launched in Taiwan!

Facebook fans: https: //
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  • IRUNA:萌萌の冒險 1.1.8 (18) APK (Latest Version)
    Version : 1.1.8 (Code: 18)
    Date: 2015-12-14
    Requires Android: Android 2.3 and up
    File Size : 5 MB (APK file)
    File APK Md5: 49379490b6be66138015357def4edb72
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