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App Name : 天天掛機 - 2015獨特多人線上遊戲
Package Name : com.txwy.and.ttgj
Category : Role Playing
Developer : 天下網遊
Last Version : 4.0.0 (4000000)
Update time : 2016-04-03
APK File Size : 32M
Installs : 500,000 - 1,000,000 On Google Play
Requires Android : Android 3.0 and up
Content Rating : Teen
Rate : 4.1/5 (11901)

What’s New
1:開啟坐騎系統 2:加入坐騎商城(商城幸運值只影響普通商城) 3:元素之力等級上限升至30級 4:寶石升級上限升至20級 5:附魔開啟第五個等級 6:降臨地圖界面優化 7:修復已知bug

The description of 天天掛機 - 2015獨特多人線上遊戲

天天掛機是壹款魔幻類手機遊戲(手遊),玩家可以創建自己的角色 -法師,戰士, 獵人-探索奇幻多彩的地圖世界,挑戰boss怪物,PK挑戰競技場玩家,參加每日團戰,每周公會戰。所有的這壹切活動無需要您像打 MMORPG那樣熬夜打通關,做任務,妳只需要投入極少的時間便可以獲得極其豐富的任務獎勵,獲得不錯的世界排名。同時遊戲開通了全新聊天室,妳可以隨時隨地和其他玩家聊天,互加好友。

超過壹萬★★★★★ 好評-首次公開在2015台北電玩展













Every day is one paragraph hook magic class mobile game (hand tour), players can create their own characters - mage, warrior, hunter - explore the world of fantasy and colorful maps, challenging boss monsters, PK arena challenges players to participate in every Japanese team battles, guild war week. One cut of all this activity is no need for you to play MMORPG that like to stay up late to get through customs, do the task, u just need to invest very little time they can get extremely rich quest, get a good world ranking. While the game opened a new chat room, u can chat with other players anywhere, plus mutual friends.

More than ten thousand ★★★★★ praise - for the first time publicly in 2015 Taipei Game Show
The game features

▼ ▼ off-hook system

Off-hook is the most significant feature of this game. After exiting the game player, the player character will still be automatically Daguai, and can normally obtain equipment and experience. When players log in the game again will get all the benefits of this time. Yes, you read right, that is so amazing so attractive!
Classic career options and flexible mix of skills

The game uses the most classic warrior, mage, hunter three professional men and women with both genders. You can choose mighty without fear, with high strength and endurance of the soldiers, you can choose chic and elegant, gorgeous manipulate magic mage, you can also choose flexible agility, great hunter bows stunt. At the same time, each job has special skills, players can freely mix of skills. Freedom colorful mix of skills to make the fight, and use your own wisdom to defeat your enemies.

Unique equipment smelting system ▼ ▼

After the game each player will have a chance to gain victory in battle equipment, players can throw unwanted equipment smelting furnace, furnace equipment will be cast into the player, and there is a great chance to produce higher quality equipment, and even the artifact! What are you waiting for, you noble status symbol artifact waiting for you to cast!
▼ ▼ infinite passion Arena

In the arena, players and other players can choose to PK, to show their strength. After the victory over the arena than their front rank of the player, you can get his arena rankings, and also to get some diamond award. The system also regular payment arena rewards, more luxurious top-ranking player award. The top 20 players will enter the rankings admired by the people!
Mission flown firepower warfare systems
Players combat elevated to a certain stage, you can participate in team battles. Battle group meets twice a day, the group fights to take sub-round knockout, the higher the reward, the higher the number of rounds persist.
Features mercenary system ▼ ▼

After the player character can receive 15 mercenaries. Mercenaries can help players combat (except Arena), mercenaries have their own rank, occupation, skills and equipment. Daguai upgrade, challenging boss, a mercenary, and you will fight side by side, never betray.
▼ brotherhood guild system ▼

12 players can join the guild, the guild, the guild members can challenge together boss, with the exchange of experience in the guild, the guild honor guard along with the war.

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    Requires Android: Android 3.0 and up
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