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App Name : 正点日历-万年历、黄历、生日、天气、农历、星座
Category : Tools
Developer : ZDworks Co.,Ltd.
Last Version : 2.2.178 (178)
Update time : 2016-03-19
APK File Size : 7.0M
Installs : 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 On Google Play
Requires Android : Android 2.0.1 and up
Content Rating : Everyone
Rate : 4.2/5 (23122)

What’s New
1. 【优化】修复Bug,提升用户体验 2. 【优化】进一步提升同步速度

The description of 正点日历-万年历、黄历、生日、天气、农历、星座

· 生活、工作、生日等分别管理,轻松高效

· 嫌手机输入麻烦?选择一个日期,即可快速添加提醒或记事,如同在台历上画圈圈一样简单

· 支持从人人网、Facebook及手机通讯录导入好友生日,不再错过每一个重要的日子

· 每个重要的日子,正点日历都会为您准备一份温暖、贴心的启动封面,传递爱的正能量

· 完美同步手机日历、谷歌日历(Google Calendar),支持每日、每周、每月、每年等循环提醒

· 想要换日历的主题颜色?不想要看农历?正点日历都能满足您。完美的个性化支持,打造只属于您独一无二的日历

· 安装包大小仅3MB,下载仅需几秒
· 多套透明等风格桌面日历小部件(Widget),能搭配各种风格的壁纸
· 近10个日历小工具,秒杀其他万年历、黄历应用

· 启动速度比传统日历应用快30%,内存占用<20MB
· 无常驻后台进程或服务,省电、省流量、省内存
· 月视图滑动切换采用独有Smart Scroll技术,老爷机也能享受极致流畅

· 正点科技(正点闹钟团队)荣誉出品,永久免费,无广告
· Google Play官方认证,无手机隐私权限调用,保障您的隐私安全

· 支持导入谷歌日历(Google Calendar)
· 支持每日、每周、每月、每年等循环提醒
· 大陆、香港、台湾多地节日和补班放假信息
· 能翻页有声黄历,一键择吉
· 女性经期助手,做您最好的闺蜜
· 星座运势,预知每一天的精彩
· 事件的列表视图

· 自定义提醒铃声
· 从QQ空间导入好友生日提醒
· 同步Outlook、Microsoft Exchange、雅虎日历(Yahoo Calendar)、QQ日历

· QQ群:233753213
· 微信号:ZDcalendar
· 微博(正点日历)
· 官方反馈邮箱:[email protected]

Unique multi-calendar function
· Life, work, birthdays and other managed separately, easily and efficiently

Notepad icon theme, a key to add a reminder
· Suspected phone input trouble? Choose a date, you can quickly add a reminder or memo, as the calendar is as easy as drawing a circle

Smart birthday butler
Supports import contacts from Facebook friends' birthdays, Facebook and cell phones, no longer miss important every day

Start Cover positive energy
• Each important day, punctuality calendar will be prepared for you a warm, intimate start cover, transfer the positive energy of love

Powerful schedule management function
· Perfect sync your phone calendar, Google Calendar (Google Calendar), supports daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and other recycling reminder

Perfect personalized support
· Want to change the color of the calendar theme? I do not want to see Lunar? Punctuality calendar can accommodate you. Perfect personalized support, to build only part of your unique calendar

Minimal but not simplify
· Installation package size is only 3MB, download only a few seconds
· Multiple sets of other styles transparent desktop calendar widget (Widget), can match various styles of wallpaper
· Nearly 10 Calendar gadget, spike other calendar, almanac Applications

Fast, smooth, no background
• Start 30 percent faster than traditional calendar application memory footprint <20MB
• No resident daemon or service, power, provincial traffic, the provincial memory
· Month View slide switch uses a unique technology Smart Scroll, master machine can also enjoy the ultimate smooth

Free, safe, no ads
· Punctuality Technology (punctuality alarm clock team) Produced, permanently free, no ads
· Google Play official certification, no cell phone privacy permission to call, to protect your privacy

More features
· Support for importing Google Calendar (Google Calendar)
Support for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and other recycling reminder
· Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and more information about the festival and make up classes vacation
· I can flip sound almanac, a key selection Kyrgyzstan
· Female menstrual assistant, do your best girlfriends
· Horoscope, predictable exciting every day
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New Features Trailer
· Custom alert tones
· Import friends from QQ space birthday reminder
· Synchronize Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo Calendar (Yahoo Calendar), QQ calendar

Feedback and suggestions
· QQ group: 233 753 213
· Micro Signal: ZDcalendar
· Weibo (punctuality calendar):
· Official feedback mailbox: [email protected]

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正点日历-万年历、黄历、生日、天气、农历、星座 APK Version History
  • 正点日历-万年历、黄历、生日、天气、农历、星座 2.2.178 (178) APK (Latest Version)
    Version : 2.2.178 (Code: 178)
    Date: 2016-01-15
    Requires Android: Android 2.0.1 and up
    File Size : 7 MB (APK file)
    File APK Md5: 166f959d19abce5c020a4648e9b18ee6
    File APK Sha1: 91c75a20090f744da4751b90d70f6c63ab20d5f6
    Signature: 14d556b551256efe5fcbb3565311b04d36a60fbd
    What's new :
    1. 【优化】修复Bug,提升用户体验
    2. 【优化】进一步提升同步速度
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